1. To get started. After Signing Up, Login to Your Dashboard & Select an Investment Plan of Your Chocie on any Level on Our Rainbow Block.
2. Purchase Shares to Activate Your Account & start Earning 1% of your Investment daily which is accumulated in Your i-wallet.
3. Each Rainbow Block has a Threshold, Once the Money generated in your i-wallet reaches its Threshold, You will be able to withdraw the Money directly to Your registered Bitcoin Wallet. However, Note that You would require GPs(Growth points) to Transfer the Money from Your i-wallet to Your Bitcoin wallet.

Our Rainbow Block


This is the Wallet that contains the Money generated by Your Investment daily (1%). The Money in Your i-wallet can only be withdrawn when it reaches the Block Threshold. Also Note that the transfer of the accumulated Money from Your i-wallet can only be made to Your Registered Bitcoin Wallet.


Your E-wallet is also known as Your Spillover Wallet. This is where all the excess Bitcoins generated daily by Your Investment is Compounded. The E-wallet was created as an option for Investors who do not intend on Recruiting any Referrals. If Your I-wallet has reached its Threshold & You do not have sufficient Growth Points (GPs) to withdraw the Money to Your Registered Bitcoin wallet, the extra 1% that is generated daily by Your Investment will automatically be transferred to Your E-wallet. However, Your E-wallet has a Threshold which is directly equivalent to the Highest Share on the Block You Purchased.

For Example: the E-wallet Threshold for Block 1 is $100, whereas It is $250 for Block 2.

Note that if You recruit any Referrals when your I-wallet has reached its threshold, the Awarded Bonuses gotten from Your Referrals will be transferred to your E-wallet. Also note that the Money in Your E-wallet cannot be withdrawn. However, it can be used to:

1. Upgrade Your Account to a Higher Share Plan during the process of Cycling out from a Lower to a Higher Block.

2. Purchase Growth Points(GPs) required to withdraw the Money from your I-wallet. The Money in Your E-wallet would always come in handy.


Growth Points(GPs) are awarded as bonuses to Members of our Community based on a variety of Reasons. Growth points portray the amount of Referrals currently under Your Network, and you have put into the system and determines if the money from your i-wallet can be withdrawn.
For example: On Block 1, you need 100GPs to withdraw the $200 from your I-wallet once it reaches its Threshold.


1. Recruiting Referrals: Whenever you recruit a referral, you get a percentage of their investment as well as their Growth Points. On i-exchange you earn from your 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th generation of referrals.
2. Referral Level-up: Whenever your referrals Level-up from One block to a Higher block, you gain Growth Points as well as a Percentage of their investment on the New block. This ensures that throughout your cycle from Block 1 to Block 6, you will only have to recruit at least two direct referrals in order to gain the Growth Points and Money required to cycle out from each block.
3. i-Tasks: i-tasks generates Traffic for our site and also increases Bitcoin awareness, you are awarded Growth Points anytime you complete a task. These tasks mostly involves posting our videos/webinars on Social media e.g Facebook,twitter,etc. You will need to be active on any of these social media platforms to enable you carryout your tasks effectively.
4. Purchasing GP's: Growth points can be purchased using Bitcoins or the money in your e-wallet. In the system 1GP = $2, all GP assigned to the shares on each block is tied to this formula, as well as the GP required to withdraw the money from your i-wallet.
Note:Purchasing GP is an optional feature, if you do not want to recruit referrals you will have to wait for your Spillover wallet to get full and this takes time. however purchasing GP gives you the option of buying the growth points required to withdraw the accumulated profit from your i-wallet.

"Coming Together Is A Beginning; Keeping Together Is Progress; Working Together Is Success."

Henry Ford


On i-exchange you earn from your First to Fourth Generation of Referrals. Your referrals give you a percentage of their growth points and investment, when they register and when they cycle out from each block.
1. You earn 50% from your 1st Generation's Growth Points and Investment.
2. You earn 25% from your 2nd Generation's Growth Points and Investment.
3. You earn 10% from your 3rd Generation's Growth Points and Investment.
4. You earn 5% from your 4th Generations Growth Points and Investment.


INFINITE-EXCHANGE is a company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, We strongly believe in cryptocurrency as the future of money, and we make our Profits mining and trading altcoins, The ROI given to each Investor is but a piecemeal of the actual earnings accrued on each investment, the 1% daily growth of income in your I-wallet simply denotes the amount of time you have spent on a particular block and after you reach your threshold on your I-wallet, you will need Growth Points to withdraw your earnings directly to your BTC wallet, and Growth Points are earned either by recruiting referrals or by waiting for your E-wallet to get full.
So as you can see, If you do not want to recruit referrals , it may take you 3-7 months to cycle out of a block, this gives us more than enough time to make hefty profits on your investment.