Unlike the Traditional MLM Scheme which follows a Pyramid-Shaped Commission System, that theoretically pay out to its investors only from two potential revenue systems.
In Infinite-Exchange, Our Members are compensated on multiple revenue streams. Also, our Excellent Help Desk makes our great customer service impeccable & more than just satisfactory! Take a look below.

1. Registration Bonus: To show our appreciation for joining our community, You get a Registration Bonus immediately You enter a Share Block. The Bonus varies exponentially on the Share Block you purchase. For example, You are awarded a bonus of $20 immediately you purchase Shares of $50, Whereas you get a $60 Registration Bonus immediately you purchase a $100 Share Block. So the higher the Share block you enter, the higher the Registration Bonus you are awarded.

2. Referrals Recruitment is Optional: As Whales in the Cryptocurrency Markets, Our Company is involved with Mining and Trading highly profitable Cryptocurrencies,ensuring a Return on Investment for Shares purchased by an Investor. When you purchase shares on any Level on Our Rainbow Block, Your Investment grows by 1% daily. This means you don't necessarily need to embark on Referrals-recruitment, to profit as a Member of our Community. Nevertheless, Recruitment of Referrals provides you with the Full Benefits of being a Part of our Community & also aids to speed up the Process to Cycle out of each Block Faster, while Earning More Money in a relatively short period of time, which is your goal, isn't it?

3. Generational Bonuses: Growing your Team requires a reasonable input of your Time, Hardwork & Competence into developing and maintaining a steady growth in your Network.
Generational bonuses are compounded statistically and is the most lively source of remuneration to the Team Leaders and Network Builders, who continually enjoy Huge Rewards; as well as the Bonus benefits on all levels of their Network. Generational Bonuses are divided into two segments.

i. Referral-Entry Bonus: An automated one-time bonus is awarded to you whenever any Referral on Your Network purchases a Share on our Rainbow Block. This reward is spread from your First to Fourth Generation of Referrals. Now it gets better.

ii. Level-Up Bonus: This Bonus is awarded whenever your downlines reach their Block-Threshold and Cycle Out from a lower to a higher Share Block. You would recieve a Percentage Investment Bonus depending on the investment plan of their new Share Block. So start growing your Network and Building your Team to get the full Benefits of Being a part of Our Community!.

4. I-Tasks & Leader Bonuses: One of the many Benefits of being an Active Member in our Community, is the Bonuses & Cash rewards You are awarded on a regular basis. I-tasks are Periodic promotional Tasks aimed at creating awareness of the wonderful Financial Benefits our Community Provides to its Members. Each I-task has a designated reward upon successful completeion. You become a Leader when You are a Share holder in Block 3, with a Total of at least 10 Successfully Completed I-tasks. Leader Bonuses ranges from Extra Cash rewards & Growth Points on accomplished I-tasks, to Anniversary & Gift Bonuses on special Occasions. Being a part of Infinite-Exchange evidently comes with many Benefits.

5. A Great Job Oppurtunity: The main aim of Infinite-Exchange is to aid You in the fulfilment of Your Financial Goals. This also comes with an Oppurtunity to become a Consultant & assist with the Ticketing Help-desk. Being a Consultant has incentives like A Flexible work-schedule & an attractive salary ranging from $1000-$2500 monthly. However, You are only eligible to apply for the position of a Consultant once You are a Share-Holder on the Fourth Block.
Note- You can still work as a Consultant, even after Cycling our from Our Rainbow Block. Indeed, Our Community provides You with multiple revenue streams to help You Earn more Money.

6. A Strong & Reliable Support System: Our Online help-desk ticketing System, Easy Customer-access, FAQs & Mail forum with its allied self-servicing options makes it easier for Customers to get a wide variety of answers to their challenges at all times. Our Online Consultants are also available 24/7 to attend to issues arising from immediate to complex challenges. Our Customer service is made up of highly skilled & competent personnels that apply the best practice on how a service ticket is triaged. So Feel free to write to us at all times, we would always be there for You!