At I-Exchange Mining, we offer you a smart and unique oppurtunity to earn residual income just from inviting your friends. Our Affiliate program has been praised by our members as easy, fun and highly rewarding. As an Affiliate member, you receive the full benefits of being a part of the I-Exchange family. Here are the benefits of participating in our Affiliate Program;

Member Classification

On Infinite Exchange you are classified either as an affiliate member or a non-affiliate member, depending on the terms of your Smart Contract with us. Below is a table showing the description of the contract for both Affiliate and Non-affiliate members.

Who is an Affiliate Member?

An Affiliate member is an investor that enters into a long term partnership with us. As an Affiliate member,  your smart contract lasts for a duration of 1,200days which is approximately 3 and a half years and you earn more money than non-affiliate members, you are also compensated using the unique I-Exchange networking model that consists of 8 levels with highly rewarding daily payouts and block rewards for the duration of your smart contract. They are two kinds of affiliate members, we have the miners and the builders.

Benefits of being an Affiliate member

1. You earn more money than non-affiliate members;
As a long term partner with the I-Exchange Mining family, apart from your daily Bitcoin payments, you are also rewarded with the bulk money allocated to each level of the miners block. As you reach the designated payout for each level, part of your earnings will be used to upgrade your contract and place you on a higher level on the miners block. And as you progress, your daily return on investment will increase alongside your payout on each block level, until you receive the bulk payout at the highest level.

2. Referral Bonuses
As an affiliate member, you receive referral bonuses on the investment of the people you sponsor or the downlines you receive as spillover from your Builders. There are two types of referral bonuses.

  • Registration Bonus:
    This is a one time cash reward you receive whenever a downline registers on the Miners block. Your cash reward varies according to the Investment Plan you are currently on and the Investment Plan your referral chooses.
  • Level-up Bonus:
    This is a bonus you receive subsequently as your downlines progress from one level to a higher level. On Infinite exchange, you receive referral bonuses from your first to your fourth generation of referrals.

Who is a Miner

We understand that some of our members might be willing to participate in our Affiliate program but may not be efficient at sponsoring referrals and so a provision was made for them. A Miner is an affiliate member that has purchased mining shares on any of our investment packages. As a Miner, you receive daily returns on your investment which will be paid to you in Bitcoins. The amount of Bitcoins you receive daily is dependent on the shares you purchased, as each investment plan has an average daily payout. Once you purchase shares, you will start out as a Level-1 Miner and subsequently progress through the Miner Block till you get to Level-8. Each level on the Miner Block has a designated payout you must receive before you can progress to the next block. The images below portray the Miner Blocks for each Investment plan we offer.

First slide
Second slide
Third slide

What are Growth Points

Growth Points are used to denote the strength of your referral matrix. As an Affiliate member, it is a prerequisite for moving up from one level to another on the Miners Block. Growth points are assigned to you based on the referrals you have on your first and second generation.

Who is a builder

A Builder is an affiliate member that actively promotes our community, as well as sponsor new members. Every Builder first starts out as a miner before progressing to becoming a Builder. As a Miner, you become a Builder once you have sponsored up to 5 direct referrals. Builders are considered to be the lifeblood of our community and they are highly rewarded with lots of huge cash prizes and incentives. Below are the 4 Builder-levels with their respective rewards and compensation.

  • The Rookie:
    This is the first office of the I-Exchange Builder. As a Rookie, you earn builder fees on all your direct referrals,from Miner level-1 to Miner level-3
    As a Rookie you receive only cash rewards with no additional incentives.
  • The Leader:
    This is the second level in the office of the I-Exchange Builder. As a Leader, you earn builder fees from all your direct referrals from Miner level-1 to Miner level-6.
  • The Manager:
    This is the third level in the office of the I-Exchange Builder. As a manager, you earn builder fees from all your direct referrals from Miner Level-1 to Miner level-8. You will also receive a Gift bonus of $500.
  • The Director:
    This is the highest level in the office of the I-Exchange Builder. As a director, you receive the full Builder benefits and all the additional incentives; these include huge cash rewards, gift rewards and travel incentives.
    The following are the benefits Directors in the I-Exchange Mining community get to Enjoy.
    • 1. Builder Fees on all direct referrals from Miner level-1 to Miner level-8.
    • 2. Builder Fees on all 2nd generation of referrals from Miner level-1 to Miner level-8.
    • 3. You get to choose one of 3 different gift rewards
      • i. A 7-day all expense paid family trip to fregate island(5 Persons Max)
      • ii. A  Brand new  2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
      • iii. Cash Reward of $7,500

Note- Normally as an affiliate member, you are required to have only 2 direct referrals to enable you level-up from Block-1 to Block-8, any extra referrals you sponsor will be spread amongst your downlines. This means that as a Builder, you help your downlines level-up faster and earn more by sponsoring new members. Builders are also required to carry out i-tasks and are given special rewards for their contribution to the growth and development of our community.

Experience Point (XP)

Experience points are used to denote the amount of work and dedication put in by an Affiliate member. These experience points are received whenever you recruit referrals and whenever you complete i-tasks. You receive 20XP for each referral you recruit, you also receive 5-20XP for each i-task you successfully complete. Experience point also determines your rank and earnings as a Builder.

Benefits of becoming a Builder

1. Builder cash rewards:
These are extra cash rewards that are given to Builders for their contribution towards the growth of their network. Builders earn more money than miners and the cash rewards vary according to the current rank of the Builder. There are 2 kinds of Builder cash rewards.

  • I-EXCHANGE Cash Bonus:
    This is the cash reward you receive directly from the I-Exchange Mining Management.
  • Builder Fee Bonus:
    As a Builder, whenever any of your direct referrals reach level 2 on the Miners Block, they will have to pay a designated amount of Bitcoins to you before they receive their payout on subsequent blocks. The Builder fee is simply a means of rewarding Builders for their effort in growing their Individual networks.

2. Gift rewards and other incentives:
These are rewards given to dedicated Builders that have made an immense contribution to the growth of our community. These gift rewards vary from time to time and is dependent on your level of achievement as a Builder. Below are some the incentives you get to enjoy as a Builder.

  • The monthly builders lottery where builders get to participate and win huge cash rewards.
  • A Brand new SUV with an operational allowance and maintenance costs fully paid for a year.
  • An all expense paid trip to attend any of our conferences worldwide.
  • An all-expense paid family trip to fregate island.

Non Affiliate Member

As a non-affiliate member, your smart contract is valid for a duration of 120 mining days during which you will receive a daily payout of bitcoins, till you have fully acquired a 100% return on your investment after which your contract with us will be terminated.

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