Our company was founded with the sole aim of distributing digital assets and creating an awareness of the Blockchain technology around the world. Through our strategic Altcoins mining operations and affiliate program, we have been able to help more persons benefit from the Blockchain technology and acquire digital assets. We noticed that there was a lack of trustworthy altcoins mining companies in the market and that inspired the idea to launch I-Exchange Mining.

our mining facility

I-Exchange Mining facility in Keflavik, Iceland

Founded in 2015 by Carl webb and Sonya kuhnel, I-Exchange Mining stands as one of the most reliable mining companies today. Boasting of an increasing number of customers daily, our company has grown to become a global power with a workforce of over 100 full-time staffs from different parts of the world. I-Exchange Mining is respected as one of the few companies within the cryptocurrency industry that has created a highly profitable and sustainable business model. After establishing our brand and building a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy mining company, we went on to develop our own digital currency-Exoreum, which is set to launch with a vast community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts ready to receive it. Till date, our company still has an enormous impact in contributing to the awareness of the Blockchain technology. Sonya Kuhnel still educates people around the world and she is also the co-owner of Blockchain Academy.

Carl Webb

Director of operations

Sonya Kuhnel