Infinite-Exchange was founded by Carl Webb with Sonya Kuhnel as part of a startup to run advanced and introductory programmes on the Blockchain technology and Networking, the Infinite-Exchange Platform was thus created to be the Ultimate Multi-Level-Marketing Scheme utilizing the trading and mining of altcoins to compensate for the lack of an effective compensation plan as posed by the traditional Multi-Level-Marketing payout structure, as well as developing values on teamwork and leadership in Networking.

We are a group of Entrepreneurs, Networkers, Cryptocurrency experts & Financial analysts with the aim of bringing about a revolution in the world of Finance, through the Power of Networking. We believe in the ideology of Cryptocurrencies to change the way we use Money forever. Therefore as whales in the Cryptocurrency trading Market, we are also ardently interested in the mining of prospective cryptocurrencies. With the Gross daily Capitalization of Cryptocurrencies being significantly greater than it's offline counterpart, investors receive a high return of interest in the ever-evolving volatile Market. 

However, Our Rainbow-Block Network System is the very first of its kind. A close study of the conventional Multi-level Marketing Scheme depicted an Unfair & Flawed structure where Investors only got paid from two major revenue systems & Affiliate programs were not substantially rewarding for Networkers. As a result of this, we developed a More Sturdy,Facile & Highly Rewarding Network structure to curb these challenges. Our compensation plan gives you the flexibility of being a Share-Investor on any Block, as well as the Added benefits acquired through Networking. The use of Decentralized Digital assets as a medium of exchange in our community aids in immediate settlement, Easy Access to everyone & Recognition at a Universal Level, all possible through the Internet & because cryptocurrencies are not bound by demeaning factors that restrict today's traditional 'Paper' money.

Our Network structure & Affiliate program was created as a means to grant sufficient compensation to persons who put in reputable effort & competence into developing their Network. By working together as a Unit & building your team,cycling through our Rainbow Blocks faster & receiving the Bulk money accrued to the highest block is an achievable goal. Your Financial Freedom depends on You!.