Infinite-Exchange is a Community of Entrepreneurs,Networkers,Cryptocurrency experts and Financial Analysts that believe in the Future & Revolution of Finance. With the Total Market Capitalization of Cryptocurrencies surging higher in daily volume & ascertaining Billions of Dollars, Cryptocurrency Mining and Trading on the Big Market has gained Global Recognition. This has since seen a High Return of Interest for savvy Entrepreneurs and wise Investors that believe in the Future of Money

 I-EXCHANGE was designed to be the Ideal & Ultimate Multi-Level-Marketing Scheme with a very Rewarding Facile Network Structure, making your Financial goals easily achievable while fulfilling the Quintessence of Team work. Our Sturdy Network Structure and Compensation plan is the very First of its kind and has been proven to be very Efficient and Highly Rewarding.

Endeavor to read through the HOW IT WORKS section and watch our Tutorials to understand how you can benefit from this Great Opportunity!. Have a look below!

CryptoCurrency Is The Future

Why Is Infinite-Exchange The Ultimate MLM Scheme

Unlike the Traditional MLM Scheme which follows a Pyramid-Shaped Commission System, that theoritically pay out to its investors only from two potential revenue systems.
In Infinite-Exchange, Our Members are compensated on multiple revenue streams. Also, our Excellent Help Desk makes our great customer service impeccable & more than just satisfactory! Take a look below.

1. Registration Bonus: To show our appreciation for joining our community, You get a Registration Bonus immediately You enter a Share Block. The Bonus varies exponentially on the Share Block you purchase. For example, You are awarded a bonus of $20 immediately you purchase Shares of $50, Whereas you get a $60 Registration Bonus immediately you purchase a $100 Share Block. So the higher the Share block you enter, the higher the Registration Bonus you are awarded.

2. Referrals Recruitment Option: Infinite-Exchange is a company involved with mining and trading of highly profitable cryptocurrencies, this ensures a return of interest on investment for shares purchase by an investor. This means you don't necessarily need to embark on referral recruitment to be part of our community. Nevertheless, Recruitment of referrals only speeds up the Process of cycling out from each Block faster, which is your goal, isn't it?

3. Generational Bonuses: Growing your Team requires a reasonable input of your Time, Hardwork & Competence into developing and maintaining a steady growth in your Network.
Generational bonuses are compounded statistically and is the most lively source of remuneration to the Team Leaders and Network Builders, who continually enjoy Huge Rewards; as well as the Bonus benefits on all levels of their Network. Generational Bonuses are divided into two segments.

i. Referral Entry Bonus: An automated one-time bonus is rewarded to you whenever a referral enters any of the share Blocks. This reward is spread from your first to fourth Generation of referrals. Now it gets better.

ii. Level-Up Bonus: This Bonus is awarded whenever your downlines reach their Block-Threshold and Cycle Out from a lower to a higher Share Block. You would recieve a Percentage Investment Bonus depending on the investment plan of their new Share Block. So start growing your Network and Building your Team to get the full Benefits of Being a part of Our Community!.

4. A Strong & Reliable Support System: Our Online help-desk ticketing System, Easy Customer-access, FAQs & Mail forum with its allied self-servicing options makes it easier for Customers to get a wide variety of answers to their challenges at all times. Our Online Consultants are also available 24/7 to attend to issues arising from immediate to complex challenges. Our Customer service is made up of highly skilled & competent personnels that applies the best practice on how a service ticket is triaged. So Feel free to write to us at all times, we would always be there for You!

Compensation Plan

In Infinite-Exchange, we love our members and therefore believe in a Substantial and Unbiased reward for hardwork. Our Sturdy Compensation plan gives members rewards and well-deserved Bonuses, from their First to the Fourth Generation of referrals. See our Compensation plan below!

Fun Facts

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